Merry Christmas From Cymorth Llaw


2015 marked 15 years of service provision by Cymorth Llaw in North Wales. With the year now drawing to a close, director Craig Hogg took time out to speak of the level of services provided by the organisation and its  work force.

“On behalf of the directors and management team of Cymorth Llaw, I would like to wish our staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016.

“We would like to say a huge and sincere thank you to our people for all they do, day in day out.”

The business development director looked back on 2015.

“The year has been a memorable one for our care company in many ways” explained Craig.

“Firstly in May we celebrated 15 years of providing services to the region, which is something all working for the company were really proud of.  It was a real milestone for us and our wider care-family.

“Janice Hogg, (founder and Managing Director) started the company off with my brother (Operations Director) Ian Hogg many years ago.

“Today we remain one of the biggest and best know homecare providers in the region, delivering a huge amount of care hours per week in Gwynedd, Ynys Mon and Conwy and we employ many people in the region.

Craig continued,

“In July we achieved something that not many care firms in Wales can boast, that being a 15th consecutive, flawless CSSIW inspection report.

“We don’t ever enter ourselves in care awards or seek external recognition for what we do, we don’t have those motivations.

“But we were pleased to achieve this in 2015 as we felt that this was a true reflection of the type of care agency we have been since day 1.

Craig explained, “The service evaluation meetings, letters, notes and comments we get back from all stakeholders paints a real world picture of the premium services we offer.

“The feedback we get can be really humbling too and we make sure our staff are fully aware of just how important they are to many others.

“15 excellent inspection reports from your governing body, one for every year of service delivery, says much and we may never achieve it again but we will always remember that” added Craig.

Craig discussed recruitment during the past year.

“We have always been known as a good employer and we continue to add people to our company.

“In September we launched a mini campaign to add more staff to payroll, to meet continued demand for our brand of care. I say ‘mini’ but we had many applicants and this was obviously pleasing for us too!

“The jobs we advertise are always local to where people live, they are also regular and permanent. We continue to offer good employment terms and we don’t mess people around.

“We pay one of the most competitive pay packages in the local private care sector and we also provide an unparalleled training programme as well as meeting the cost of it all.

“This not only includes paying for all tuition, but our staff are also paid for all training time they undertake.

“We know first hand this isn’t common practice within the care sector of our region – we interview many people who tell us a lot. But things like this are part of our organisational values and beliefs and it sets us apart” mentioned Craig.

The company director looked on at what 2016 could bring.

“During this coming year we will simply continue doing what we have done for the last 15” said Craig.

“We will maintain focus on providing good value for money services to many vulnerable people in our region and we will continue to create new jobs.

“We will also have some good news to announce early in the year (January 2016) which  we cannot give too much info away on at the moment.

“Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our people for what you have done for many others in 2015.

“We say it often but its true. Our staff are the best local people providing the best local care and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy 2016” added Craig.