‘Landmark legislation gains Royal Assent’


First Minister Carwyn Jones hailed the Social Services and Well-being act as “one of the most significant acts the Assembly has passed since it acquired full law making powers in 2011.”

Deputy Minister for Social Services Gwenda Thomas said she was committed to implementing the Act’s provisions in April 2016. She also announced that a that a ‘sibling Bill’ would be proposed, to reform the regulation and inspection regime in social care in Wales. The new bill will be introduced to the National Assembly in February 2015, which will carry on the reforms and refocus regulation towards outcomes for people. The Bill will also establish a new Institute of Care and Support, as a hub of good practice and improvement, building on the work of the Care Council for Wales.

Cymorth Llaw’s Director of General Operations Ian Hogg responded today, stating that  ‘”We at Cymorth Llaw whole heartedly echo the sentiments of this bill and applaud the proposal of a ‘sibling bill’ with a move toward the formulation of a new Institute of Care and Support.”

“Cymorth Llaw has always made every effort to go beyond the bare minimum in terms of investments of time and money into the development of key skills for those people who provide much needed care to many vulnerable people at home in Wales. Through the development of our Training Centre in Bangor, to our innovative Cadet Program, plus the many other service improvement programs we have run in the last 14 years – we feel that this is a huge move in the right direction and we look forward to passing on our knowledge and expertise of good practice to those bodies who seek it.”