Code of Professional Practice

As many know, in 2015 Cymorth Llaw celebrated 15 years of service provision within North Wales.

During that 15 year period, the company achieved 15 consecutive flawless inspection reports, without service improvement recommendation from CSSIW, (the care sectors governing body in Wales) for the delivery of services to people at home.

In April 2015 Cymorth Llaw was approached by the Care Council of Wales to participate in a promotional video for the new code of professional practice in social care, highlighting good care and the practice in action.

Cymorth Llaw were happy to accommodate the Care Council’s participation request.

The video was launched last month and we are now able to report on it.

Care Worker Amanda Hopewell from Cymorth Llaw’s Dwyfor care team took part in the promotional campaign. Her footage begins at 2min 58sec of the video.

During the video Amanda, who has been working at Cymorth Llaw for a number of years, demonstrated good practice in a service users home, working to expected standards and showing the new code of conduct in action under the banner heading ‘strive to maintain the trust and confidence of individuals and carers’

Amanda said “I was delighted to have been asked by my manager if I would like to take part in the promotional video at the request of Care Council for Wales, highlighting best practice and the new care code in action.

“I was a little nervous before hand as the thought of appearing on camera was a little daunting, but it was a great experience and I’m happy to have been part of it.

“As a care worker it is always our aim to establish trust and confidence with a person in their own home, maintaining a persons dignity and promoting independence at all times” said Amanda.

“The code may be new, but the standards are something staff have been working to at Cymorth Llaw for many years and I was pleased to have taken part and show the good work care workers do day in day out.”

Company director Craig Hogg said “We would like to thank Amanda for the excellent job she did when filming the video. We thought she was brilliant! We would also like to thank the Care Council for looking to Cymorth Llaw when considering a promotional video for the new code of conduct for professional care workers.

“The section of the video Amanda took part in speaks volumes about her and our family care agency.

“The level of care we provide here at Cymorth Llaw has always been excellent and Amanda is typical of the men and women who wear our yellow uniforms, providing vital services to many vulnerable people at home in North Wales.

Craig continued, “The narrator speaks of honesty, integrity, being dependable and reliable – funnily enough those sentiments make up our core organisation values & beliefs and those values have hung in the reception area of our head office for many years – so this felt a little ironic!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Amanda and the rest of our fantastic staff for the quality of their work.

“We don’t ever enter care awards or things like that, but we do feel our staff are the best local people providing the best local care and this was a really nice ‘nod’ in the right direction to them, for the work they do and the level of care they continue to provide.

“It’s nice to know other people and organisations are aware of Cymorth Llaw  and the level of service we offer – we were a little flattered when asked to take part in this project.

“Great job Amanda, really well done!” added Craig.

The new code of practice can be found at