‘Lonely elderly flood Silver Line helpline with calls’

‘Lonely elderly flood Silver Line helpline with calls’

In its first year, a free 24-hour UK helpline for the elderly has been inundated with calls about loneliness.”

Cymorth Llaw BDM Craig Hogg said today “Professional Care Workers also play a vital role where loneliness and social isolation is concerned, often supplying a vital link between the people they help & support and the outside world.

“Care, help, companionship and support services like home care are so important to many vulnerable, lonely people. The people who perform the duties of a Carer or Care Worker, across the board, should be aware of just how important they are and the huge difference they make to many people’s live’s.

“We at Cymorth Llaw are extremely proud of the people who wear our yellow uniforms and are humbled by the work they do. They play a very important part in many people’s live’s and I would like to thank them sincerely for that.”

via BBC News