Conwy Council service statement

Withdrawal of service on behalf of Conwy Council

It has been a very difficult decision for Cymorth Llaw to end its service provision relationship with Conwy Social Services, due to the severe financial constraints the authority now finds itself within.

During the past 14 years of delivering care on behalf of the council, Cymorth Llaw has maintained an exceptional level of service standard and has grown to become North West Wales’ largest independent provider of domiciliary care services, thanks to the company’s attitude toward quality, value for money, safe and consistent care services.

In 15 years of service provision, Cymorth Llaw has achieved 15 consecutive flawless inspection reports from the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) without a single recommendation for service improvement.

Cymorth Llaw has always adopted the position of people first, including those we employ and those people we provide vital services to.

In order to maintain the standards most people would expect from any responsible service provider or employer and, to continue to achieve an extremely high level of care that remains safe and fit for purpose within the agency’s own quality assurance framework – Cymorth Llaw has reluctantly declined Conwy Social Services invitation to continue to provide care on behalf of the authority, after long and hard considerations made to the unit cost per hour offered by the council.

Cymorth Llaw will work with any agency to ensure a safe transfer of service for those people affected by this decision and the agency will continue to provide services to non-council commissioned individuals living within the county.

It will remain the case that Cymorth Llaw will continue to provide the best local care through the best local people and we will continue making a difference to peoples lives within North Wales.

Janice Hogg Managing Director RGN RM